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Annyong yeorobundeul !!!!

Today i felt so tired bcse yeah i was sleeping all day emm not,
 just half day haha okay back after class at 12.30 noon i straightly bumped
into my precious bed oh wait i was eatin first while watchin MISSING NINE EP 3 !!!!
my precious Chanyeol oppaaaa why so handsome n cute haha then i back to sleep at 3.3++ pm
and woke up back 5.19 pm woah so tired ! myb bcs i was sleeping too long

yeah ottoke , it was very nice weather to go sleep u knowww its raining all day and
the weather is so cold ! even its noon haha just bcse its rainin . i hope on march it will be nice weather and cold too bcse yeah haha exo will come here soon in march !!!
so chanyeol will not say the same thing again like before when they came here in march 2016 haha that the weather is so hot they couldnt even face the weather they were sweatin very much haha

Then i remember jongin put the cold water bottle in his shirt and his neck haha and so pcy did the same he even gettin bath on the stage he pour himself the water on his head and splash it on others like a dog ! kekekeke  i miss them so much and cannot wait to see them again this 18 march soooon ~

okayy thats all for today i was drinking too much cold water on this cold weather right now and i feel like want to pee all time haha okay i need to ppalli !

Annyong ~~~~~~~

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